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Confidence & Psoriasis

Confidence & Psoriasis

I hate to start off on a somber note but…psoriasis SUCKS! However, just because it sucks that doesn't mean I have to allow it to keep me in the dumps. As I continue this journey, I realize that it takes an unyielding desire to fight this disease. Not only does it take dedication in order to comply with treatment but it also requires a certain mental fortitude to stay positive while dealing with psoriasis symptoms.

Now I'm not saying that I don't have my down days, but I always keep one thing at the forefront of my thoughts: my mission is to help empower others by my actions and words. Personally, within that desire to help others, I find the fuel needed to persevere and maintain a positive outlook. Not to sound self-righteous or morbid, but I love to talk to people who are in the dumps about their diseases. I view it as an opportunity to say this… YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

So, how do you become more confident about your psoriasis? Well, in my opinion, there is a two-step process: first, you look into the mirror and look DEEP into your own eyes and find the inner beauty which is there. And, don't take your eyes off of yourself until you find it! Second, once you find that beauty, use words of affirmation every time you catch yourself thinking negatively about your psoriasis. It is very possible that when you look in the mirror it can take a few minutes or potentially hours, but trust me it can work if you stay the course!

I understand your scalp psoriasis can sometimes resemble an overly-used chalkboard, I understand that you don't want people to see your plaques. I realize that, people may suddenly look at you or react negatively towards you when they notice your psoriasis. The list goes on and I get it… I truly do. As I have personally witnessed this negativity, I always keep in mind that for every 10 negative people I may encounter, it makes my journey of helping others very worthwhile if I can encourage and inspire just one of those psoriasis sufferers to be #psoSTRONG.

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Jonathan Scott is a paid spokesperson by LEO Pharma Inc. The views expressed are his own and do not reflect those of LEO Pharma Inc.

Any suggestions made are not intended to replace the advice of a qualified medical professional. Please consult your healthcare provider prior to making any changes to your treatment, exercise or diet routine.
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